You’ve got the addiction. . .

. . .We’ve got your FiXX.

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Variety is the spice of life!

At PAINTBALL FiXX, we have 4, count them, FOUR fields to play on! Even a fifth if you count being able to combine the two recball fields.


Airball Field

 This is a full NXL inflatable field. Best suited for fast paced, tournament style play.

Hyperball Field

The predecessor to the inflatable tournament fields. It’s made of corrugated tubing. Definitely a blast from the past!

Mound Field

One of our recball fields made up of mounds of dirt. A challenging course that really tests one’s patience and quadraceps.

Tire Field

The second of our recball fields. Made mostly of tires. Kinda gives a post-apocalyptic feel. Both recball fields can be combined for an even larger field experience.