You’ve got the addiction. . .

. . .We’ve got your FiXX.

Phone: (361) 510-8105



We buy, sell, and trade new and used equipment! We can get pretty much anything you need.

Some people may ask, “Why should I buy from you when I can order it myself?” To which our retort is…

“Shut up.”

Seriously, though. When you order with us, we can support your equipment in house by our own warranty. If the equipment needs to return to the manufacturer, we can handle it.

Pluuus… If you order from us, you are supporting local paintball and help keep things going.


You need gear. We would like to give it to you. For money.

We can get your gear for you!


Our layaway is good for in stock items only. Put down a minimum of 20% of your purchase and have 60 days to pay it off! Also use the equipment while playing at our field while you are paying it off!


We only place orders as requested. Here's how it works:

You determine the item(s) you want to buy.

You pay 50% of your total price

We order the item(s) for you

You pay off the remaining balance

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